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Earth Expeditions

Offered by Project Dragonfly at Miami University in affiliation with leading educators, community leaders, and conservationists worldwide, Earth Expeditions provides participants with extraordinary graduate-credit courses in Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Americas while advancing global understanding, community-based education, and environmental stewardship.

All courses share a focus on the process of inquiry, including observation, uncovering questions that lead to rewarding investigations, developing predictions and action plans, gathering evidence and interpreting findings.

The Global Field Program (GFP)

Earth Expeditions courses serve as the foundation for the Global Field Program, a transformative master’s degree program that combines summer field experiences worldwide with discussion and collaborative projects in web-based learning communities. GFP candidates join a growing network of international leaders who work together to affect change in global and local contexts.

The Advanced Inquiry Program (AIP)

The Advanced Inquiry Program offers a ground-breaking master's degree that combines web-based graduate courses through Miami University with face-to-face experiential learning and field study at some of the nation's premiere community learning institutions. AIP students are able to share ideas with peers and faculty nationally, while also working directly through their AIP site to improve local communities through shared investigation and action. The AIP enables students to join an unprecedented national network of leading institutions committed to social and ecological change.

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